It’s all about me

I’m a Glasgow girl who relocated to the south coast for reasons of lurve in early 2011.

Now happily hitched to the wonderful Debbie, I’ve left behind my long (too long) career in newspapers to become a dog walker.

What’s not to love about wagging tails all day instead of spinning tales?

One thought on “It’s all about me

  1. Hi…Thank you for your blog about the media in Scotland and how the quality has diluted…as a result I do not buy any papers as I cannot believe what I am reading.

    Having came back from Dubai…where I was working for a number of years…and reading the content which was like a pro-rangers fanzine..I couldn’t believe what I was reading…

    There are many websites that are excellent sources of information and somehow I think the print media and BBC have only themselves to blame as you have highlighted.

    Unfortunately..this season this dilution has upped a gear and as you have pointed out..I think that my nieces and nephews could write better articles and be less bias.

    Thank you again for your article.


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