How Brexit has freed the Tories to remodel the UK as anti-immigration – and why that can’t be allowed

The first tweet above was me on Sunday.

The second was me yesterday.

The third was me today after RTing a whole host of ever-more incredulous tweets on the insane direction in which the Government is now taking the entire nation to prove that “Brexit means Brexit.”

I have temporarily stopped punching myself in the face to have a furious shout at both telly and t’internet about just how mental this whole thing has become.

And while I didn’t intend to write about this whole debacle, here goes.

Between Brexit Minister David Davis telling us it’ll all be our own fault if Brexit is a disaster, the disgraced Cabinet Minister Dr Liam Fox deriding the UK’s business bosses as fat and lazy and his own Department for International Trade saying it’ll all be fine because the French want our jam, you’d be entirely right to think this government has completely lost its collective minds.

But the true nub of the matter has been laid bare by the speeches and interviews coming out of Hades – sorry, the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

Because no matter how much they pretend that it really wasn’t about immigration, it really is all about immigration.

That most slender of Vote Leave victories – remember, 52-48 percent on a turnout of 71.8 percent or 33 million voters – has been spun into a mandate to pull up the drawbridge and declare Britain not only Brexited but damn well closed.

So non-UK medics in the NHS are told they’ll be offski as soon as we train enough doctors to replace them. Which will be 2025. Or when hell freezes over, whichever comes sooner.

The loathesome and tiresome Andrea Leadsom says British teenagers can become apprentices in fruit picking to replace the 67,000 seasonal workers the agricultural industry needs annually, most of whom come from the EU for the season then go home again.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd threatens to jail landlords who rent to illegal immigrants while scaring away the foreign students upon whom our universities depend for their funding.

The hateful, anti-migrant rhetoric of Farage and his fellow travellers has become official government policy overnight.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of the leader of the official opposition has had this to say on a day that’s seen the UK take an almost unalterable lurch to the right:

Vote Leave won a single non-binding referendum.

The Tories won a general election with the slimmest of Commons majorities.

Neither of those events gives the current Government a mandate to introduce policies and negotiate a way out of the EU that impoverishes the UK financially, culturally, morally and emotionally.

Immigration is not out of control in the UK. The way too many people react to immigration is out of control.

So, before Article 50 is triggered…

Before another half-baked anti-immigration policy is announced…

Before we reach a point of no return that destroys the social fabric of the UK, we need a general election that allows all of us a vote that might stop us falling off a very big cliff.

Because the alternative looks very bleak from here.

Edited to add this, written 70 years ago yet still so relevant. We really never ever learn, do we?

5 thoughts on “How Brexit has freed the Tories to remodel the UK as anti-immigration – and why that can’t be allowed

    1. it would, but there has to be a proper, clear debate on this issue – it’s an affront to democracy that the referendum is being used to spin this country in a blatantly racist direction

  1. I tend to agree with you that the attitude now is poisonous and smug people like Fox are basking in the hateful Tory adulation. Immigration is still at the centre; the lid was blown off the Brexit pot in June and now the hate masses feel that anything goes. However I am also fearful that a GE would give them a larger majority since the opposition is still in bits.

    1. I agree that the opposition is nonexistent, but without any kind of reckoning or potential brake, the Tories are dragging us into a position from which it will be very hard to retreat. What is the alternative? I’m at a loss

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