My 10-day sugar-free detox: Days 6-10 – The proof is in the pudding

Louise reaches the end of her 10-day sugar-free detox, having
lost pounds, inches and any desire for something sweet

Drum roll, please. It’s over, my 10-day sugar and everything else free adventure comes to an end, not with a doughnut and wine blowout but a gluten-free bowl of porridge and raspberries made with coconut milk.

I’m a devil me, a devil.

I’ve lost 7lbs, 3in from my waist and 1in from my hips. In a way, these numbers are disappointing because, in the book, there are miracle stories of weight and inch loss.

I wish now that I had done the full battery of tests from blood sugar to BMI to cholesterol. But the numbers don’t tell the full story about the eating plan I’ve just followed.

I don’t want a coffee. I don’t want a sandwich. Heck, I don’t even want a glass of silky Malbec (last sentence is a lie).

I want to continue eating fresh fish and chicken with lots of veggies and drinking caffeine-free tea. It feels good. It would appear that my salad days are far from over.10410523_10152264321532098_7032904221024941578_n

My sleep has improved immeasurably, aided greatly by my purchase of a 98p sleep mask (more of that later). My energy levels are up to the point of doing a spin and metafit class back to back on Wednesday night and not expiring.

My overall mood has improved also, nothing earth-shattering but a calmer, more pragmatic approach to things – very handy when your two-year-old has three tantrums in as many yards in The Avenue in Newton Mearns. Not here darling, please. Not in the Mearns.

Everywhere I look, whether it be on television or in a newspaper, there are people talking about sugar and the unhealthy alternatives which are ladled into every food stuff you can imagine.

It would seem we are slowly waking up to the reality that if we don’t become more conscious about what we buy and consume, then we are in for some pretty nasty long-term conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and chronic arthritis – and at increasingly younger ages.

In my family, gastrointestinal problems like reflux are common, so my goal is to avoid those if possible.

Drawbacks to the diet? It is restrictive and some dishes still scream out to be mopped up with a big hunk of baguette, there is no denying it.

The fibre supplement I was instructed to buy is so unpalatable I gave up even trying to force it down on day 2. Note to anyone else thinking of trying this, buy it in capsule form.

Also, buy a natural laxative, just in case you get a little … ahem … backed up. Senekot, if you are wondering. It does what it says on the box!

10421394_10152264319912098_6880657289349987779_nTop five discoveries? Tamari, a gluten-free soy sauce and indispensable for seasoning. Organic nut butters, almond especially.

Although eye-wateringly expensive, they are creamy and sweet if you need a quick pick-me-up. Coconut oil for cooking, cholesterol-free and loaded with good fats. Black sesame seeds scattered on salads and chicken or fish for crunch and flavour.

And finally, my 98p sleep mask, you complete me. The gorgeous northern European light nights are fantastic in so many ways, but they are a bugger to get to sleep in and stay asleep in. The only drawback to the mask is taking it off in the morning, when I turn into a gremlin for a few moments: “Bbright light, bright light!”

So, it’s over. But I’m not done. I want to be fit and healthy for a long time yet and pass on good eating and exercise habits to my kids. I’ve signed up for the Great Scottish Run a 10k in October and I need to start training for that ASAP.

Running is not my favourite form of exercise but I will make myself love it. I might even need some carbs in my diet for that. I may even blog about it. Watch this space.

•Louise was following Dr Mark Hyman’s 10-day Detox Diet

2 thoughts on “My 10-day sugar-free detox: Days 6-10 – The proof is in the pudding

  1. Well done Louise. Brilliant weight loss in ten days but more importantly a change in attitude and behaviour. I’m almost tempted… 🙂

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