My 10-day sugar-free detox: The Weekend – Brazilian wave

Deep into the sugar-free detox, Louise has reached the weekend …
and hit a brick wall of tears, steaks and Rihanna envy

The good Dr Mark Hyman, whose program I’ve been following for the past seven days, warns that around day five “it’s not uncommon to feel waves of emotion that can catch you off guard”.

I can testify to this, given the heart-wrenching sobs that bubbled to the surface when Mario Gotze scored his cracking winning goal for Germany in the World Cup final on Sunday night.

In bits I was, bits.

Whether I was crying for a new-found love of all things Teutonic or simply pining for one of their very finely crafted beers, I have no idea. All I know is that my tears took me by surprise then, and again the next morning when, recounting the story to my dear sister Fran, they freely flowed again.

I also saw a picture of Rihanna, flanked by Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger, holding the World Cup trophy and was consumed both by jealousy and wanting to be her at the same time.

I’m not sure if these are the emotions that myself or Dr Hyman would be expecting, but I’m having them anyway. I own them.

The weekend was tough, as you can see. On Sunday morning, I woke to find a small stye forming on my lower left eyelid. I wanted a large T-bone steak goddammit, with all the sides and a big glass of decadent red wine, a deep Rioja, a sultry Malbec.

I was restless all morning, pre-match nerves you could say, which I channelled into ironing. I am my mother’s daughter.

I was forced to come to certain conclusions on Sunday. The detox part of the program is still ongoing – I feel very good physically – but I want something sweet, I really want that steak and wine combo and I love the World Cup, despite FIFA trying to ruin it for the whole planet (including the USA – welcome to our world of pain!)

I got my steak, sans vino, and it was lush. I got my tears and joy and I went to bed, emotionally drained.

When does the football season start again?

2 thoughts on “My 10-day sugar-free detox: The Weekend – Brazilian wave

  1. I’m really enjoying these posts – you’re very brave doing this length of detox. I did a two day juice detox a month or so ago and I was useless! Well done! And I love that you have the same ironing love as Fran! x

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