With friends like you …

Phew! That was a rather magnificent response to the last blog on same-sex marriage.

I’ve been quite overwhelmed by the hugely positive reaction to my riposte to Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

I knew my good friends and fantastic family would respond in the way they did.

But I admit I was slightly taken aback when my old muckers at the Daily Record called to ask if they could use the blog as a standalone article.

In 2000 I was at the Record when it promoted the Keep the Clause campaign financed by Brian Souter, which campaigned vigorously (and hatefully) against the move by the Labour-LibDem coalition government at the Scottish Parliament to repeal Section 28 – the legislation that made it illegal for schools to “promote homosexuality”.

The campaign was shameful in its black propaganda and I’ve never quite got over the shame I felt myself at that time for not objecting more strongly to the editorial stance.

So kudos to the editorial management there now for their courage in printing – without question – a very pro same-sex marriage article from a very out lesbian.

The Cardinal would have you believe that every time equal rights are extended to all members of our society that it’s the thin edge of the wedge, that we’re heading down a slippery slope to Sodom and Gomorrah.

The evidence since civil partnerships were introduced in 2004 demonstrates that to be nonsense. The sky hasn’t fallen in and people keen to have their relationships formally recognised by the state have managed to do so without scaring the horses or scandalising polite society.

If and when same-sex marriage is allowed, the sky still won’t fall in and those who have been marginalised, demonised and criminalised for generations may finally feel they are part of our civilised society.

Ok, soapbox is being dismantled – normal service (ie stuff about mutts and my sore feet) will resume in due course!

4 thoughts on “With friends like you …

  1. Hold on to the soap box a wee bit longer Frannie, I think you’ll probably need to go back up there before long.

    1. aye I sense this one could run and run. You’ll not be surprised to know that there are other things – politically – that are getting on my thrupennies right now. May branch out into passionate polemics

  2. Ahoy Frankie –

    I (a) thought your original piece was terrifically well-written, both polemically and, er, in good English ‘n’ that and (b) was therefore amazed to read that you’d been a Recordista in a previous life (…wasn’t actually amazed – just a cheap jibe for its own sake about tabloid standards – we know the journos can write, so why don’t they, more often, more honestly?).

    Anyhow, it’s great to hear that you’ve had plenty attagirls – you’ve earned them. Words have power.

    all the best,


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